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"McAdams Group helped us articulate how our company stands out from competitors, and how to comprehensively communicate our unique attributes in a saturated market. The McAdams Group team was able to bring this strategy to life through a thoughtful and easy-to-use website that highlights our personality and company culture."

- Jim Mimlitsch,
Vice President of Engineering
Distinction in a crowded market.

Our research revealed that many IT companies, including the company's two major competitors, repeatedly embodied similar messaging that asserts that they represent the most technically advanced and intelligent company around. We believe much of this language is overused in this space and therefore lacks meaning and power and is simply a requirement to be in business to begin with.

This is how we came up with their tagline Uncommon__________.
Instead of 'me-too' messaging and positioning, we proposed that Sidepath play by its own rules by identifying what makes the company unique. Instead of introducing the brand as the most technically proficient, we focused on the company's track record of providing an excellent customer experience, which surprises clients and creates unparalleled trust and uncommon results.

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