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At McAdams Group, our goal has remained the same for over 30 years: we help brands stand out from competitors to make it easier for customers to connect with your products, services, and people. We specialize in uncovering key insights that help brands position themselves with a unique voice that resonates with your targeted audiences.

Six issues that signal it’s time for a new brand strategy.

  1. Sales Have Slowed
    Declining sales could signal a disconnect between the brand and its audience. A new brand strategy might refocus messaging and offerings to reignite consumer interest and drive sales growth.
  2. New Product Launch
    Introducing a new product often necessitates aligning it with a coherent brand strategy. It's an opportunity to reassess and ensure that the brand narrative seamlessly integrates with the new offering, maximizing its impact and market reception.
  3. New Story to Tell
    As brands evolve, their stories can too. If there's been a significant shift in the brand's values, mission, or market positioning, it might be time to refresh the brand strategy to reflect these changes, ensuring authenticity and relevance.
  4. Lack of Marketplace Distinction
    When a brand struggles to stand out in a crowded market, it's a clear sign that a new strategy is needed. A revised approach can reposition the brand, emphasizing its unique value proposition and setting it apart from competitors.
  5. Change in Leadership or Merger
    A change in leadership or a merger with another company may necessitate a rebrand to reflect the new entity.
  6. Loss of Brand Image
    Realizing that the company has the wrong brand image or that it's losing its brand image can be a strong indicator that a rebrand is needed.

Here are just a few of the perspective shifts we use to help you outmatch your competition.

Focus on Purpose

Emphasizing the 'why' behind the brand can create a powerful new story. Highlighting a deeper purpose or mission beyond just selling a product can resonate strongly with consumers.
Visual Rebranding

Sometimes, a visual overhaul can signal a new story. Updating logos, color schemes, or design elements can signify a brand's evolution and a fresh narrative.
Align Brand with the Customer Experience

Crafting a story that revolves around the customer's journey and experience with the brand can be a powerful way to create a new narrative.
Authenticity & Transparency

Consumers value authenticity. Brands should ensure their messaging is genuine, transparent, and reflects the brand's true values and actions.

Unlock Your Distinctives with our Discovery Brand Matrix™

In a world awash with brands, only distinctive ones carve their niche and lead. At McAdams Group this isn’t just a belief; it's our battle cry. 

Distinctive brands are champions, and with our Discovery Brand Matrix™, we empower you to become one. This service is our foundation stone, the initial step to help our clients Discover, Brand, Market, and ultimately, Own their unmatched DISTINCTIVENESS. 

What can you anticipate from Discover Brand matrix™? A master messaging document that shines a light on the pivotal elements of brand identity, accompanied by strategic insights tailored to propel the brand and future marketing campaigns.

Discover Our Deliverables

Step 1:
Assessment – a dedicated session with decision makers to review the research, sift through existing marketing collateral, understand competitor dynamics, and truly grasp the heartbeats of target audiences and their needs. Following this deep dive, we transition to.
Step 2:
Strategic Planning/Digital Communications. Here, the vision crystallizes. We spotlight your brand's 'WHY', ensuring that your positioning isn't just about 'what' you do but the core reason behind it. The deliverable succinctly recaps and recommends a strategic path for digital presence and marketing, encompassing a clear positioning statement and crucial messaging recommendations.
Step 3:
But we don't stop there: We further embellish your brand's narrative with a Brand Tone and Voice – envisioning and encapsulating how your brand would resonate if it took on life. Including what words and images communicate these distinctives.
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