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"McAdams Group provides a terrific mix of strategic and creative expertise and guidance, but perhaps the greatest value they deliver is exceptional taste, professionalism, and the ability to make our needs and concerns their own."

- Emily Pathmajeyan
Product management & marketing
We partnered with TAGNOS to bring new life into their branding. Beginning with their positioning and messaging, we created a logo which speaks to their unique selling proposition. Specifically, the logo represents the orchestra of people, patients, and machines that constitute a complex medical center.
We were charged with the task to communicate TAGNOS' unique selling proposition and position in the marketplace through the website. In conjunction with the messaging our copywriters crafted, we worked to create an elegant yet modern feel to the site to match the brand personality we are developing.
It was a priority to ensure that we created a consistent look and message throughout all brand touchpoints. This is an example of a presentation that could easily be part of the newly designed website.
One of our core competences is medical copyrighting and editing. Our specialists work with your team to understand your brand, its products and services, so we can give your messaging a clear and strong voice.